Total Websites UK is and remains committed to always working towards providing a website that is accessible to all of its visitors, no matter what browser you use, and whether or not you have any disabilities. Our design takes into account users who are visually impaired or have difficulties using a mouse. Our website has the features to read out content aloud, change font size, change contrast and we've included a special font to aid the reading of dyslexic users. Our website has been developed to be compatible with popular screen reading software.

Please contact us if you wish to give us feedback so we can continue to improve the accessibility of this web site.

We strive to conform, at a minimum, to Level A compliance as specified by the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. This also involves implementing a number of selected Priority 3 checkpoints. In general, the site conforms to WAI Level A rating where HTML is used. Where content is made available in other formats such as Adobe Acrobat and Flash, conformance has not been achieved.

Accessibility features

• Built in screen reader

• Font size and screen contrast controls

• Dyslexic font face

• Responsive design to work properly on all devices and browsers

• Links are written to make sense when read out of context.

• All images used in this site have appropriate text equivalents.

• Cascading style sheets have been used for layout and presentation.

• Each page is constructed so that it can be read without style sheets.

• This site uses relative font sizes to enable the user to specify "text size" in visual browsers.

• Labels are associated with fields in HTML forms.

Site Map

We have provided a site map of the main headings in the web site. This is the best place to get an overview of what is available on the web site. The links in the site map take you to the main sections of the site.

Accessibility references

• W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

• Equality and Human Rights Commission

• RNIB - Royal National Institute of Blind People

Accessing our content

A limited amount of our content is published as PDF files. To access this content you will need to download a copy of Adobe Reader . For the visually impaired free Adobe software can be downloaded from the Adobe web site to convert PDF files to HTML or ASCII text which can be used by screen reading programs.

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