Website Addons 2021

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Website Addons.

Enhancing your website!

Extended Validation SSL​

Increase user trust and experience!

EV SSL or Extended Validation SSL certificates are unparalleled when it comes to inspiring trust and improving user experience on your website.

Our EV SSL certificates are top of the line SSL solutions that feature supreme protection and premium features such as displaying your organisation’s name in green in the address bar which looks really professional!

Website Pre-loader

Keep website users engaged!

A slow loading website can frustrate users.

Your new website from Total Websites LTD will be speed optermised so it works really quickly.

There are however factors outside of the website that can affect website load times; for example, the speed and quality of the user’s internet connection.

A page pre-loader is a great way to telling your users that the page is coming, it’s just taking a little longer than normal. This reduced frustration as the user knows the page is on its way and they’ll wait a little longer before they decide to leave!

Social Media follow and share

Increase social following and sharing!

Social media is a great way of building an audience for your business and enabling the sharing of content from your website.

However, it can also be a big distraction. You’ve worked hard and invested time and money in your website. A simple link can take users to your social page, with the intention of them following you, however they’ll often become distracted by social posts and not return to your site.

Our Social suite enables users to follow your social profiles and share your content with their followers without leaving your website! This has the double bonus of keeping users on your website for longer, whilst still getting those all-important social shares and follows!

Exit intent

We all have to say goodbye 🙁

At some point visitors will leave your website.

They may have or may not have completed tasks that you intended them to do.

Total Websites Exit Intent feature detects that the visitor is about to leave your page and presents them with a solid action that you’d like them to take. You’ve probably seen this is an operation on websites before with a “before you go” message.

Just before they leave you have a final chance to direct users to take an action that is important to you. This may be contacting you, giving them a time-limited offer or discount code, getting them to follow, like or share your social profiles or subscribing to your e-mail newsletter. 

Advanced page speed optermisation

Turbo charge your website!

Nobody likes a slow website. You’ll have experienced it yourself. Website visitors quickly get frustrated and head to close the page and look elsewhere for the information they require.

Total Websites builds all our website to be fast, but there is more that can be done. Just like adding a turbo to your car.

Our advanced speed optimisation streamlines and compresses website code, optimises images, loads images only when needed and utilises advanced caching as just a few of our speed optimisation techniques.

A faster website is better for website visitors, better for Search Engine Optimisation and much better for business!

Choose your website package!