Website Care Plans

Many website owners don’t think about regular website monitoring, maintenance and security until it is to late!

Our website care plans provide monitoring, updates, reporting, security, protection and peace of mind for you, your business and your customers!

Care plan features

Essential services for technical updates, monitoring and reporting for your website. 

Core updates

Core CMS / Framework updates to keep your site fully updated and running correctly.

Security updates

Core CMS security updates to ensure your website is fully protected!

Uptime monitor

A watchful eye making sure your website is running, if it goes down instant alerts are sent!

Website back ups

Full website backups to external servers! Should the worst happen we've got you covered!

Performance check

Insights into what's happening wit your website and how well it is performing!

Security check

Security scanning to notify and alert you to infections for malware and other nasties!

Vulnerability monitor

Full website scanning to reference your website against database of known Vulnerabilities.

SEO ranking

Tracking, and ranking website keywords to produce monthly report

Link monitor

Link scanning to identify and send alerts of any broken links on your website!

Keyword monitor

Monitors the performance and ranking of your website keywords

Upgrade breakages guarantee

Updating websites  can be a risky businesses! One small change can have catastrophic affects. That’s why as part of our monthly care plans we  guarantee to cover any breakages during the update process!

Knowledge is power!
Website reporting

Monitoring and understanding your website is critical to it’s operation and success. Our monthly reports tell you all you need to know on your website’s performance!

Reports on your website’s uptime and any detected website down time for the month. 

Reports on the monthly performance of your website and highlights oppertunities to increase website performance.

Reports on the security of your website and alerts to malware, suspicious code and website blacklisting.

Reports information on specific vunrabilities from your specific CMS including CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), XSS (Cross-site scripting), RFI (Remote File Inclusion)

All the key information from Google Analytics at the end of the month, putting the right information at your finger tips and saving your time!

Website care plans

Essential services for monitoring your website and applying technical updates.


Updates & back-ups
£ 29
99 Month
  • Core CMS updates - Monthly
  • Security updates - Monthly
  • Website back up - Monthly
  • Website reports - Monthly


Increased Security
£ 59
99 Month
  • Core CMS updates - Weekly
  • Security updates - Weekly
  • Website back up - Weekly
  • Website reports - Monthly
  • Standard WAP Firewall
Top Choice

Webmaster +

Daily care!
£ 99
99 Month
  • Core / CMS updates - Daily
  • Security updates - Daily
  • Website back up - Daily
  • Website reports - Monthly
  • Advanced WAP Firewall

Our care plans are for new websites we've built.

If we didn’t build your website don’t worry! We can still help you! Contact us for a website assessment!

Enhanced website protection

Essential services for monitoring your website and applying technical updates

Increase security - website Firewall

Infected website clean up


We provide maintenance for a variety of website platforms and technologies. Features may differ slightly according to platform.